Adding and configuring a new Hue service on a new host

To migrate the Hue service from one host to another within the same cluster, you can add a new Hue service on a new host using the Add Service wizard and manually configure the Hue service as needed.

  1. Sign in to Cloudera Manager as an Administrator.
  2. Go to Clusters > Hue service and stop the Hue service by clicking Actions > Stop.
  3. Go to Clusters > [***CLUSTER-NAME***] and click Add Service from the menu.
  4. On the Add Service wizard, select Hue.
  5. On the Select Dependencies page, select the Optional Dependencies.
  6. On the Assign Roles page, click the field below Hue Server and Load Balancer roles. This launches a dialog box where you can select hosts where you want to add the role.
    Click OK after making your selection.
  7. On the Setup Database page, specify the details of your existing Hue database.
    1. Select your database vendor from the Type field and specify the Database Hostname, Database Name, Username, and Password of your existing database.
    2. Click Test Connection, and when the success message appears, click Continue.
    The wizard configures and starts Hue and its dependent services.
  8. After the new Hue service is in the running state, configure the Hue Advanced Configuration Snippet as it is in the existing Hue service on the older host.
  9. Click Save Changes and restart the Hue service.
  10. Verify that the new Hue service functions as expected.
  11. Delete the Hue service from the old host by clicking Actions > Delete.