Exporting data using Connected type

As per Apache Atlas Software Foundation notes, only directly connected entities must be exported and when the data is exported with the starting entity as Hive table and the fetch type is "CONNECTED", the exported entities must not include the external and managed locations.

But the expected behavior is that all the entities which are directly connected entities get exported. Additionally, other dependent entities will be updated like the managed location of a database or associated database of a table which also gets exported.

For example:
db1.table1 --> p1 ---> db2.table2 ---> p2 ---> db3.table3 ---> p3 ---> db4.table4 --> p4 ---> db5.table5

Export db3.table3 with options
"itemsToExport": [{
"typeName": "hive_table", "uniqueAttributes":
{ "qualifiedName": "db3.table3@cluster0" }
{ "fetchType": "connected" }

Result: The exported ZIP file must contain entities: db2, db3, db4, table2, table3, table4, p2, and p3.