Using Search filters

The Basic Search panel includes filter icons that allow you to search for entities based on one or more attribute values.

In a filter row, the attribute data type determines which of the following operators can be used to define your search criteria:
Strings Dates Enumerations


= = =
!= != !=
> > >
< < <
is null is null is null is null
is not null is not null is not null is not null
begins with
ends with

All classification attributes are string values; numerics include byte, short, int, float, double, and long attribute data types.

To search on values for more than one attribute, add another filter row to the search filter (click Add filter). The search can find entities matching either filter criteria (logical OR) or matching both criteria (logical AND). Set the logic using the AND / OR buttons at the top-left of the filter rows.

You can combine logical AND and OR criteria using filter groups. The logic is the same within a filter group; use more than one filter group to produce both AND and OR logic. For example, the following Classification attribute filter searches for entities that are at "new" or "acknowledged" stages in their processing and are owned by the Finance business team.

If you wanted to further limit the search results to the entities that were created in Atlas in the last 24 hours, you would open the attribute filter for Search by Entity Type and set the system attribute "Created Timestamp" less than 24 hours. To open the Search by Entity Type filter, you would need to select an entity type or "_ALL_ENTITY_TYPES".