Overview of Cloudera Manager functionality.

Cloudera Manager is an end-to-end application for managing clusters. With Cloudera Manager, you can easily deploy and centrally operate the complete Cloudera Runtime stack and other managed services. The application automates the installation and upgrade processes and gives you a cluster-wide, real-time view of hosts and running services. The Cloudera Manager Admin Console provides a single, central console where you can make configuration changes across your cluster and incorporates a full range of reporting and diagnostic tools to help you optimize performance and utilization. Cloudera Manager also manages security and encryption functionality. This overview introduces the basic concepts, structure, and functions of Cloudera Manager.

A single instance of Cloudera Manager can manage multiple clusters, including older versions of Cloudera Runtime and CDH.

The versions of Cloudera Runtime, CDP Private Cloud Data Services, and CDH clusters that can be managed by Cloudera Manager are limited to the following: