Host Management

Cloudera Manager provides several features to manage the hosts in your clusters

The first time you run Cloudera Manager Admin Console you can search for hosts to add to the cluster and once the hosts are selected you can map the assignment of roles to hosts. Cloudera Manager automatically deploys all software required to participate as a managed host in a cluster: JDK, Cloudera Manager Agent, Impala, Solr, and so on to the hosts.

Once the services are deployed and running, the Hosts area within the Admin Console shows the overall status of the managed hosts in your cluster. The information provided includes the version of Cloudera Runtime running on the host, the cluster to which the host belongs, and the number of roles running on the host. Cloudera Manager provides operations to manage the lifecycle of the participating hosts and to add and delete hosts. The Cloudera Management Service Host Monitor role performs health tests and collects host metrics to allow you to monitor the health and performance of the hosts.