Performance Trade Offs

Learning about the types of workloads appropriate for Virtual Private Clusters can help you decide if this architecture is appropriate for your needs.


Because data will be accessed over network connections to other clusters, this architecture may not be appropriate for workloads that scan large amounts of data. These types of workloads may run better on Regular clusters where compute and storage are collocated and features such as Impala short-circuit reads can provide improved performance.

You can evaluate the networking performance using the Network Performance Inspector.

Ephemeral Clusters

For deployments where the Compute clusters are shut down or suspended when they are not needed, cluster services that collect historical data do not collect data when the Compute clusters are off-line, and the history is not available to users. This affects services such as the Spark History Server and the YARN JobHistory Server. When the Compute cluster restarts, the previous history will be available.