Cluster-Wide Configuration

Minimum Required Role: Configurator (also provided by Cluster Administrator, Limited Cluster Administrator , and Full Administrator)

To make configuration changes that apply to an entire cluster, do one of the following to open the configuration page:
  • All Clusters
    1. From the Cloudera Manager Home page, click Configuration and then select one of the following classes of properties:
      • Advanced Configuration Snippets
      • Database Settings
      • Disk Space Thresholds
      • Local Data Directories and Files
      • Log Directories
      • Navigator Settings
      • Non-default Values - properties whose value differs from the default value
      • Non-uniform Values - properties whose values are not uniform across the cluster or clusters
      • Ports
      • Service Dependencies
    You can also select Configuration Issues to view a list of configuration issues for all clusters.
  • Specific Cluster
    1. From the Home page, click a cluster name, or click Clusters > Cluster name from the left menu.
    2. Select Configuration and then select one of the classes of properties listed above.
You can also apply the following filters to limit the displayed properties:
  • Enter a search term in the Search box to search for properties by name or description.
  • Expand the Status filter to select options that limit the displayed properties to those with errors or warnings, properties that have been edited, properties with non-default values, or properties with overrides. Select All to remove any filtering by Status.
  • Expand the Scope filter to display a list of service types. Expand a service type heading to filter on Service-Wide configurations for a specific service instance or select one of the default role groups listed under each service type. Select All to remove any filtering by Scope.
  • Expand the Category filter to filter using a sub-grouping of properties. Select All to remove any filtering by Category.