Configuring Oracle for Oozie

You must install Oracle 12.2, create the Oozie Oracle user and grant privileges, and add the Oracle JDBC driver jar file to Oozie.

  1. Install and Start Oracle 12.2
  2. Create the Oozie Oracle User and Grant Privileges.
    The following example uses the Oracle sqlplus command-line tool, and shows the privileges Cloudera recommends. Oozie needs CREATE SESSION to start and manage workflows. The additional roles are needed for creating and upgrading the Oozie database.
    sqlplus system@localhost/<SERVICE_NAME>
    SQL> create user <user> identified by <password> default tablespace <tablespace> temporary tablespace temp;
        User created.
    SQL> grant create sequence to <user>;
        Grant succeeded.
    SQL> grant create session to <user>;
        Grant succeeded.
    SQL> grant create table to <user>;
        Grant succeeded.
    SQL> alter user <user> quota unlimited on <tablespace>; 
        User altered.
    SQL> exit 
  3. Add the Oracle JDBC Driver JAR to Oozie.
    Copy or symbolically link the Oracle JDBC driver JAR into the /var/lib/oozie/ directory.