Dumping the Oozie database

You must stop the Oozie server, specify the location to which you want to dump the Oozie database, and then perform the dumping operation.

  1. Stop the Oozie server (in HA mode, stop all Oozie servers).
  2. In the Cloudera Manager Admin Console, go to the Oozie service status page.
  3. Select Actions > Stop.
    Confirm you want to stop the service by clicking Stop.
  4. Specify Database Dump File.
    1. Go to the Configuration page.
    2. Select Scope > Oozie Server.
    3. Select Category > Database.
    4. Set a file location for the Database Dump File.
  5. Select Actions > Dump Database.
    Confirm that you want to dump the database to the specified location by clicking Dump Database.
    During the export process, Cloudera Manager fetches and writes the database content a compressed zip specified by the Database Dump File property.