Loading the Oozie database

You must configure the database in which to load your Oozie data, create the required database tables, and then load the Oozie database.

  1. Stop the Oozie server (in HA mode, stop all Oozie servers).
  2. Install and configure the empty database in which to load your Oozie data.
    The db.version of the database must match the db.version of the dump file.
  3. Select Actions > Create Oozie Database Tables.
    Confirm you want to create the database tables by clicking Create Oozie Database Tables.
  4. Verify Database Dump File is set correctly.
    1. In the Cloudera Manager Admin Console, click the Oozie service.
    2. Go to the Configuration page.
    3. Select Scope > Oozie Server.
    4. Select Category > Database.
  5. Select Actions > Load Database.
    Confirm you want to dump the database to the specified location by clicking Load Database.
  6. Select Actions > Start.
    Confirm you want to start the service by clicking Start.