Advanced settings: Overriding default configurations

You can override the default value set using Cloudera Manager, if required. For example, you have five different actions in the workflow and four of them use S3 buckets and one use ABFS. In this case, the S3 can be set as a default credential and can be overridden in only that one action to have a different value.

  1. Using Cloudera Manager, set the credentials to use s3 bucket in the Oozie Server Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for action-conf/default.xml field:
    Name: oozie.action.credentials.filesystem.myCustomCredential 
    Value: s3a://<bucket-name>
  2. Using the HUE editor, edit the action for which you want to use a different credential and add the following:
    Name: oozie.action.credentials.filesystem.myCustomCredential
    Value: abfs://myAbfsBucketName
    Add the following property as described in the Step 4 and 5 of the Option 1: Setting file system credentials for Oozie through hadoop properties using Hue Editor .
    Now Oozie actions will use the default S3 credential except the one which has the non-default value. It is also possible to combine the global configuration, where you define the possible file-system credentials, and in HUE you use the pre-defined global credentials.