Uploading Oozie ShareLib to Ozone

Learn how to create an Ozone volume and a bucket to store Oozie ShareLib, how to set the required permissions on the bucket, how to search and update Oozie ShareLib root directory, and install Oozie ShareLib.

  1. Create an Ozone volume and bucket to store Oozie ShareLib as an Ozone admin user:
    ozone sh volume create /user
    ozone sh bucket create /user/oozie
  2. Ensure that the oozie user has all permissions on the bucket and everybody else has read permissions on the bucket.
    1. Go to the Ranger Admin UI.
    2. Click the Ozone repo.
    3. Click Add New policy.
    4. Create a policy user - volume, provide read permission to all users on the /user volume, and save the policy.

    5. Click Add New policy.
    6. Create a policy user - volume oozie - bucket all - keys, provide all permissions to the oozie user, read permissions to all on the /user/oozie bucket, and save the policy.

  3. Update Oozie ShareLib root directory to the oozie bucket.
    1. Go to Oozie > Configuration > Search and Update ShareLib Root Directory.

    2. Click Save Changes.
    3. Restart Oozie.
  4. After restarting Oozie, go to Oozie > Actions > Install Oozie ShareLib.

    After the installation finishes, you can view the result as follows: