Moving the JournalNode edits directory for a role instance using Cloudera Manager

Depending on your requirements, you can change the location of the edits directory for one JournalNode instance.

  1. Reconfigure the JournalNode Edits Directory.
    1. Go to the HDFS service in Cloudera Manager.
    2. Click JournalNode under Status Summary.
    3. Click the JournalNode link for the instance you are changing.
    4. Click the Configuration tab.
    5. Set dfs.journalnode.edits.dir to the path of the new jn directory.
  2. Move the location of the JournalNode (jn) directory at the command line.
    1. Connect to host of the JournalNode.
    2. Copy the JournalNode (jn) directory to its new location with the -a option to preserve permissions.
      cp -a /<old_path_to_jn_dir>/jn /<new_path_to_jn_dir>/jn
    3. Rename the old jn directory to avoid confusion.
      mv /<old_path_to_jn_dir>/jn /<old_path_to_jn_dir>/jn_to_delete
  3. Redeploy the HDFS client configuration.
    1. Go to the HDFS service.
    2. Select Actions > Deploy Client Configuration.
  4. Perform a rolling restart for HDFS by selecting Actions > Rolling Restart.
    Use the default settings.
  5. From the command line, delete the old jn_to_delete directory.