Apache Ranger Access Control and Auditing

Apache Ranger provides a centralized security framework to manage fine-grained access control and auditing. The Ranger Key Management Service (Ranger KMS) provides a scalable cryptographic key management service for HDFS data-at-rest encryption.

Apache Ranger APIs
Apache Ranger APIs provide a framework to enable, monitor and manage comprehensive data security across the CDP platform.
Apache Ranger Auditing
Apache Ranger provides access auditing and reporting for CDP services.
Apache Ranger Authorization
Apache Ranger provides fine-grained access control for CDP services.
Apache Ranger User Management
You can manage Ranger users, groups, roles, and permissions with Usersync and Ranger Admin Web UI.
Configuring Apache Ranger Authentication with UNIX, LDAP, or AD
You can configure Apache Ranger authentication using UNIX, LDAP, or AD.
Configuring Advanced Security Options for Apache Ranger
How to configure advanced security options such as Kerberos and TLS/SSL for Apache Ranger.
Configuring log file rotation for Apache Ranger Services
How to manage log file properties and configure log file rotation for Apache Ranger services.
Configuring and Using Hive-HDFS ACL Sync
How to configure Ranger Resource Mapping Server (RMS), which enables automatic translation of access policies from Hive to HDFS.
Configuring and Using Ranger KMS
How to configure Ranger Key Management Server (KMS). Ranger KMS is a key management service that supports HDFS data at rest encryption.