Feature limitations

Apache Iceberg in CDP has some limitations you need to understand.

The following features have limitations or are not supported in this release:

  • When the underlying table is changed, you need to rebuild the materialized view manually, or use the Hive query scheduling to rebuild the materialized view.
  • From Impala, you can read, but not write, position updates and deletes.
  • Equality updates and deletes are not supported.
  • An equality delete file in the table is the likely cause of a problem with updates or deletes in the following situations:
    • In Change Data Capture (CDC) applications
    • In upserts from Apache Flink
    • From a third-party engine
  • An Iceberg table that points to another Iceberg table in the HiveCatalog is not supported.
    For example:
              STORED BY ICEBERG
              TBLPROPERTIES ('iceberg.table_identifier'='db.tb');