Enabling JWT Authentication for impala-shell

To connect to Impala using JWT authentication, you specify the following command-line options to the impala-shell command interpreter and enter the password when prompted.

-j, --jwt
indicates that JWT authentication will be used
shell command to run to retrieve the JWT to be used for authentication


Reading the JWT from a file named my_jwt.txt.

impala-shell -i impala_hostname:port -j --ssl --jwt_cmd "cat my_jwt.txt"
Reading the JWT from an environment variable named MY_JWT_ENV_VAR
impala-shell --ssl -i impala_hostname:port -j --jwt_cmd "echo ${MY_JWT_ENV_VAR}"
Reading the JWT from the clipboard (macOS only)
impala-shell --ssl -i impala_hostname:port -j --jwt_cmd "pbpaste"