Configure Kerberos

Kerberos is a network authentication protocol that provides security for your cluster. The Configure Kerberos page allows you to enable Kerberos for your cluster.

After selecting Enable kerberos for this cluster, install kerberos client libraries, according to your OS type, on all hosts before proceeding.

  • RHEL/ CentOS
    $ yum install krb5-workstation krb5-libs
    If Redhat IPA is used as the KDC,
    yum install freeipa-client
  • SUSE
    zypper install krb5-client
    If Redhat IPA is used as the KDC,
    zypper install freeipa-client
  • Ubuntu
    apt-get install krb5-user
    If Redhat IPA is used as the KDC,
    apt-get install freeipa-client

Configure Datanode ports

Configure the privileged ports required by the datanodes in a secure HDFS service by selecting values for DataNode Transceiver Port and DataNode HTTP Web UI port.