Downloading and Publishing the Parcel Repository

Download the parcels that you want to install and publish the parcel directory.

  1. Download manifest.json and the parcel files for the product you want to install:
    Runtime 7
    Apache Impala, Apache Kudu, Apache Spark 2, and Cloudera Search are included in the Runtime parcel. To download the files for the latest Runtime 7 release, run the following commands on the Web server host:
    sudo mkdir -p /var/www/html/cloudera-repos
    sudo wget --recursive --no-parent --no-host-directories https://[username]:[password] -P /var/www/html/cloudera-repos
    sudo chmod -R ugo+rX /var/www/html/cloudera-repos/p/cdh7
    Sqoop Connectors
    To download the parcels for a Sqoop Connector release, run the following commands on the Web server host. This example uses the latest available Sqoop Connectors:
    sudo mkdir -p /var/www/html/cloudera-repos
    sudo wget --recursive --no-parent --no-host-directories -P /var/www/html/cloudera-repos
    sudo chmod -R ugo+rX /var/www/html/cloudera-repos/sqoop-connectors

    If you want to create a repository for a different Sqoop Connector release, replace latest with the Sqoop Connector version that you want. You can see a list of versions in the parcels parent directory.

  2. Visit the Repository URL http://<Web_server>/cloudera-repos/ in your browser and verify the files you downloaded are present. If you do not see anything, your Web server may have been configured to not show indexes.