Installing the GPL Extras Parcel

GPL Extras contains functionality for compressing data using the LZO compression algorithm. To install the GPL Extras parcel:

  1. Add the appropriate repository to the Cloudera Manager list of parcel repositories. Specify the repository in Cloudera Manager as follows:

    You can also download the parcel into a local parcel repository.

  2. Download, distribute, and activate the parcel.
  3. The LZO parcels require that the underlying operating system has the native LZO packages installed. If they are not installed on all cluster hosts, you can install them as follows:
    RHEL compatible:
    sudo yum install lzo
    Debian or Ubuntu:
    sudo apt-get install liblzo2-2
    sudo zypper install liblzo2-2
  4. To configure LZO compression, see Configuring Services to Use LZO Compression.