Installing Ranger RMS

Ranger Resource Mapping Server (RMS) enables automatic translation of access policies from Hive to HDFS.

Legacy CDH users used Hive policies in Apache Sentry that automatically linked Hive permissions with HDFS ACLs. This was especially convenient for external table data used by Spark or Hive.

Previously, Ranger only supported managing Hive and HDFS policies separately. Ranger RMS (Resource Mapping Server) allows you to authorize access to HDFS directories and files using policies defined for Hive tables. RMS is the service that enables Hive-HDFS ACL Sync.
You must have installed:
  • A CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.4 or higher version cluster with Apache Ranger, Hive, and HDFS.
  • Ranger RMS on the host where Hive_Gateway is available.
  1. On the cluster home page, click , then click Add Service.
  2. Select Ranger RMS, then click Continue.
  3. On Assign Roles, click View by Host.
  4. On View by Host, verfiy that the host on which you install Ranger RMS has the required Hive Gateway role assigned, then click Close.
    Figure 1. Verifying Hive Gateway role on a host
    Verifying Hive Gateway role on a host
  5. On Assign Roles, click Continue.
  6. On Review Changes,

    To track managed tables, select the Enable Mapping Hive Managed Tables option.

  7. On the Command Details page, select run options, then click Continue.
  8. On the Summary page, click Finish.
  9. In Cloudera Manager > Hive Service > Configuration verify that the Hive Metastore Access Control and Ranger RMS Proxy User Hosts property, hadoop.proxyuser.rangerrms.hosts is set to *.
  10. Log in to the Ranger Admin web UI. On the Service Manager page, click Edit for the Hadoop SQL service, then verify that hdfs has been added to the and configurations.
  11. Configure Ranger policies with rangerrms user access before starting RMS and running the first sync from the Hive Metastore (HMS).
    For example, you must give the rangerrms ID select access to Hive tables. This is configured under the policy "all - database, table".
    Figure 2. Granting RMS user Select access to Hive tables
    Granting RMS user Select access to Hive tables
  12. In Cloudera Manager, select HDFS > Configuration, then search for Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for ranger-hdfs-security.xml. Use the Add (+) icons to add the following properties, then click Save Changes.
    Name Value cm_hive org.apache.ranger.chainedplugin.hdfs.hive.RangerHdfsHiveChainedPlugin
    ranger.plugin.hdfs.privileged.user.names admin,dpprofiler,hue,beacon,hive,impala
    ranger.plugin.hdfs.service.names hive,impala
  13. Click HDFS Restart.
  14. On the Stale Configurations page, click Restart Stale Services.
  15. On the Restart Stale Services page, select the Re-deploy client configuration option, then click Restart Now.
  16. Click Finish after the services restart.