Reports Manager

The Reports Manager fetches the fsimage from the NameNode at regular intervals. It reads the fsimage and creates a Lucene index for it. To improve the indexing performance, Cloudera recommends provisioning a host as powerful as possible and dedicating an SSD disk to the Reports Manager.

Table 1. Reports Manager
Component Java Heap CPU Disk
Reports Manager
The recommended value is up to four times the current recommendation (4 * FsImage size + 2 Gb).
For Example: 
FsImage size: 20 Gb; 
Current  recommendation in the official documentation: 4 * 20 Gb + 2 Gb = 82 Gb; 
Recommended value for the increased heap memory needs: x * 82 Gb (1 < x <= 4)
  • Minimum: 8 cores
  • Recommended: 16 cores (32 cores, with hyperthreading enabled.)
1 dedicated disk that is at least 20 times the size of the fsimage. Cloudera strongly recommends using SSD disks.