Step 5: Set up and configure the Cloudera Manager database

Cloudera Manager Server includes the script that can create and configure a database.

The script can perform the following activities:

  • Create the Cloudera Manager Server database configuration file.
  • (PostgreSQL) Create and configure a database for Cloudera Manager Server to use.
  • (PostgreSQL) Create and configure a user account for Cloudera Manager Server.

The script checks the connection between the Cloudera Manager Server and the database. Upon successful connection, the script writes the /etc/cloudera-scm-server/ file. When you start Cloudera Manager for the first time, the script creates and populates the necessary tables.

Although the script can create a database, the following procedures assume that you have already created the database as described in Install and Configure Databases. For more information about tuning the Cloudera Manager database for best performance, see the corresponding Knowledge article: hibernate.c3p0 Configs for Cloudera Manager.

The following sections describe the syntax for the script and demonstrate how to use it: