Setup Database

On the Setup Database page, you can enter the database hosts, names, usernames, and passwords you created in Step 3: Install and Configure Databases.

For services that support it, you can add finer-grained customizations using a JDBC URL override.

Select the database type and enter the database name, username, and password for each service.

For MariaDB, select MySQL.

For services that support it, to specify a JDBC URL override, select Yes in the Use JDBC URL Override dropdown menu. You must also specify the database type, username, and password.

If you are using a TLS 1.2-enabled MySQL, PostreSQL, or MariaDB databases, or TCPS-enabled Oracle database for your Runtime service, then see the service-specific instructions under Database setup details for cluster services for TLS 1.2/TCPS-enabled databases.

Click Test Connection to validate the settings. If the connection is successful, a green checkmark and the word Successful appears next to each service. If there are any problems, the error is reported next to the service that failed to connect.

After verifying that each connection is successful, click Continue. The Review Changes page displays.