Testing with Hue

You can test the cluster by running Hue.

Hue is a graphical user interface that allows you to interact with your clusters by running applications that let you browse HDFS and cloud object storage such as S3 and ABFS, manage a Hive metastore, and run Hive, Impala, and Search queries, and Oozie workflows.

  1. From Cloudera Manager, go to Clusters > Hue service.
  2. Click Web UI link and select the Hue web URL, which opens Hue in a new window.
    By default, Authentication Backend is set to AllowFirstUserDjangoBackend. This makes the first user who logs into Hue the Superuser and allows you to set the username and password, and create other users.
    You can change the Authentication Backend as per your requirements from Hue configurations in Cloudera Manager.
  3. You can run a query or browse the database that you have set up for Hue.
    For more information, see the Hue documentation.