Add custom service parameter to descriptor

How to add a custom service parameter to a descriptor using Cloudera Manager.

The descriptor you wish to add a custom service parameter to must be enabled. See Add a known service to cdp-proxy.
In this example, you are adding a custom service parameter with a custom value (myCustomServiceParameter=myValue) to ATLAS in cdp-proxy.
  1. From Cloudera Manager > Knox > Configuration, add a new line in the Knox Simplified Topology Management - cdp-proxy panel in the following format: $SERVICE_NAME[:$PARAMETER_NAME=$PARAMETER_VALUE].
    The url and version parameter names are preserved keywords to set the given service's URL and version. Valid declarations:
  2. Save your changes.
  3. The ‘Refresh needed’ stale configuration indicator appears; click it and wait until the refresh process completes.
  4. Validate that ATLAS in cdp-proxy got updated with the new service parameter by navigating to the following URL: https://$KNOX_GATEWAY_HOST:$PORT/$GATEWAY_PATH/admin/api/v1/topologies/cdp-proxy.