Remove custom service parameter from descriptor

How to remove a custom service parameter from a descriptor using Cloudera Manager.

In this sample, we are going to remove a previously entered service parameter - myCustomServiceParameter=myNewValue - from ATLAS in cdp-proxy. We remove that entry, save our changes, and refresh our cluster.
  1. From Cloudera Manager > Knox > Configuration, remove the ervice parameter in the Knox Simplified Topology Management - cdp-proxy panel.
    Click the minus (–) sign next to Atlas:myCustomServiceParameter=myNewValue.
  2. Save your changes.
  3. The ‘Refresh needed’ stale configuration indicator appears; click it and wait until the refresh process completes.
  4. Validate that custom service parameter got removed with the changes by navigating to the following URL: https://$KNOX_GATEWAY_HOST:$PORT/$GATEWAY_PATH/admin/api/v1/topologies/cdp-proxy.