View the API documentation

This topic provides you information on how to find the API documentation for C++ and Java.

C++ API Documentation

The documentation for the C++ client APIs is included in the header files in /usr/include/kudu/ if you installed Kudu using packages or subdirectories of src/kudu/client/ if you built Kudu from source. If you installed Kudu using parcels, no headers are included in your installation. and you will need to build Kudu from source in order to have access to the headers and shared libraries.

The following command is a naive approach to finding relevant header files. Use of any APIs other than the client APIs is unsupported.
find /usr/include/kudu -type f -name *.h

Java API Documentation

View the Java API documentation online. Alternatively, after building the Java client, Java API documentation is available in java/kudu-client/target/apidocs/index.html.