More resources for Apache Kudu

The following is a list of resources that may help you to understand some of the architectural features of Apache Kudu and columnar data storage. The links further down tend toward the academic and are not required reading in order to understand how to install, use, and administer Kudu.


Kudu Project
Read the official Kudu documentation and learn how you can get involved.
Kudu Documentation
Read the official Kudu documentation, which includes more in-depth information about installation and configuration choices.
Kudu Github Repository
Examine the Kudu source code and contribute to the project.
Kudu-Examples Github Repository
View and run several Kudu code examples, as well as the Kudu Quickstart VM.
Kudu White Paper
Read draft of the white paper discussing Kudu's architecture, written by the Kudu development team.
In Search Of An Understandable Consensus Algorithm, Diego Ongaro and John Ousterhout, Stanford University. 2014.
The original whitepaper describing the Raft consensus algorithm.


Bug reports and feedback can be submitted through the public JIRA, our Cloudera Community Kudu forum, and a public mailing list monitored by the Kudu development team and community members. In addition, a public Slack instance is available to communicate with the team.