Reads (scans)

On a leader change, READ_AT_SNAPSHOT scans at a snapshot whose timestamp is beyond the last write, may yield non-repeatable reads (see KUDU-1188).


If repeatable snapshot reads are a requirement, use READ_AT_SNAPSHOT with a timestamp that is slightly in the past (between 2-5 seconds, ideally). This will circumvent the anomaly described above. Even when the anomaly has been addressed, back-dating the timestamp will always make scans faster, since they are unlikely to block.

Impala scans are currently performed as READ_LATEST and have no consistency guarantees.

In AUTO_BACKGROUND_FLUSH mode, or when using "async" flushing mechanisms, writes applied to a single client session may get reordered due to the concurrency of flushing the data to the server. This is particularly noticeable if a single row is quickly updated with different values in succession. This phenomenon affects all client API implementations. Workarounds are described in the respective API documentation for FlushMode or AsyncKuduSession. See KUDU-1767.