Benefits of Open Data Lakehouse

Key benefits and links to more information helps you understand how Open Data Lakehouse might help solve your business problems.

The following benefits are driving many organizations to adopt Iceberg:Today, many experience lower response times as volume of data increases. Open Data Lakehouse improves SQL performance for faster time to value. Iceberg is performant at scale, thanks to its metadata layout architecture and additional capabilities, such as hidden partitioning, in-place partition evolution.

To comply with regulations, your complex data structures maintain huge volumes of historical data that are error prone and hard to manage. Open Data Lakehouse time travel functionality helps you meet audit requirements–with no tedious manual snapshotting. Iceberg automatically creates snapshots and manages them, reduces your storage requirements, and offers solutions to new use cases.

Using Iceberg simplifies your business greatly due to the unification of all data. Iceberg tables can be accessed by engines outside of CDP. You maintain just a single copy of Iceberg data with better security and governance. Being engine-agnostic, Iceberg reduces analytic costs. Use Snowflake, Trino/Presto, any third-party engines that support the Iceberg form, or CDP engines: Impala, Spark, NiFi (a separate component), or Flink. Use best of breed tools to deliver self-service analytics to a Line of Business without moving, copying or transforming data.