About Data Context

Data Contexts in Cloudera Manager are used to access data in Cloudera Private Cloud Base environment. In other words, a Data Context helps you to share the services from one cluster to another.

A Cloudera Private Cloud Base cluster can have one or more Compute clusters. A Compute cluster employs a Data Context to connect to the Base cluster for accessing the data and metadata in the Base cluster. The context itself is merely a logical entity where there is no specific deployment or cluster running activities.

When the Data Context is created, you can view the list of available services within the Base cluster that you can share with compute cluster: this list is a subset of the services in the cluster, as not all services have the ability to be shared through Data Context.

Note the following:

  • A Data Context can only be used to connect a Base cluster with one or more compute clusters. A Data Context cannot be used to connect two Base clusters.

  • You can connect your compute cluster to a Base cluster only if the Data Context is made available. Later you can use the services available in the Base cluster because the Data Context provides the metadata to connect the Virtual Private Cluster to the Base cluster.

  • The Compute cluster needs configuration files and some information to be able to communicate with a Base cluster. All configuration files are managed by Cloudera Manager automatically, and will be updated as required if any service in the Data Context has changed their configurations.