Prerequisites for installing Atlas

Using Cloudera Manager, you can install Apache Atlas and there are some prerequites that you must note before you proceed further.

Services that are part of prerequisites to install Atlas include:
  • HBase: Acts as storage for Atlas data.
  • Solr: Acts as storages for indexes of Atlas data.
  • Kafka: Acts as a messaging bus for Atlas hooks.
  • Ranger: Works with Atlas to provide tag-based authorization.

Also verify if your Cloudera Manager instance has PAM Authentication enabled. For more information, see Configure Atlas PAM Authentication. Atlas installation can be performed if your Cloudera Manager cluster has PAM Authentication enabled and it works with the users enabled on host.

The following authentication options are available for the installation:

  • File-based authentication.
  • LDAP or Active Directory (AD): LDAP and AD can be configured after Atlas is installed.
  • PAM-based Authentication based installation. For more information, see Configure Atlas PAM Authentication.
  • Knox SSO. This needs Knox Service to be present.

Depending on your usage scenario the following authentication options can be chosen:

  • Production deployment:
    • PAM Authentication
    • LDAP and AD
    • Knox SSO
  • Demo and testing purposes:
    • File-based authentication