Configuring Upgrade Domains

Steps to configure Upgrade Domains.

Minimum Required Role: Cluster Administrator (also provided by Full Administrator)

  1. Configure the Upgrade Domains for all hosts:
    1. Click Hosts > All Hosts.
    2. Select the hosts you want to add to an Upgrade Domain.
    3. Click Actions for Selected > Assign Upgrade Domain
    4. Enter the name of the Upgrade Domain in the New Upgrade Domain field.
    5. Click the Confirm button.
  2. Set the HDFS Block Replica Placement Policy:
    1. Open the Cloudera Manager Admin Console.
    2. Go to the HDFS service for the cluster.
    3. Click the Configuration tab.
    4. Search for the HDFS Block Replica Placement Policy configuration parameter.
    5. Select Upgrade Domains.
    6. Click Save Changes.
    The Upgrade Domain assigned to each host displays in the Upgrade Domain column on the All Hosts page. (You may need to add this column to the table: Click the Columns drop-down list above the table and select the Upgrade Domain column.)
  3. Restart the HDFS service.