Configuring Host Monitor Data Storage

The Host Monitor stores time series data and health data.

By default, the data is stored in /var/lib/cloudera-host-monitor/ on the Host Monitor host. You can change this by modifying the Host Monitor Storage Directory configuration. To change this configuration on an active system, follow the procedure in Moving Monitoring Data on an Active Cluster.

You can control how much disk space to reserve for Host Monitor data by changing the following configuration option:
  • Time-series metrics and health data: Time Series Storage (firehose_time_series_storage_bytes - 10 GB default, 10 GB minimum)

For information about how metric data is stored in Cloudera Manager and how storage limits impact data retention, see Data Granularity and Time-Series Metric Data.

The default value is small, so you should examine disk usage after several days of activity to determine how much space they need. The Charts Library tab on the Cloudera Management Service page shows the current disk space consumed and its rate of growth, categorized by the type of data stored. For example, you can compare the space consumed by raw metric data to daily summaries of that data.