Host Templates

The Host Templates page lets you create and manage host templates, which provide a way to specify a set of role configurations that should be applied to a host.

Minimum Required Role: Cluster Administrator (also provided by Full Administrator)

Host templates let you designate a set of role groups that can be applied in a single operation to a host or a set of hosts. This significantly simplifies the process of configuring new hosts when you need to expand your cluster.

You can create and manage host templates by clicking Hosts > Host Templates.

Templates are not required; Cloudera Manager assigns roles and role groups to the hosts of your cluster when you perform the initial cluster installation. However, if you want to add new hosts to your cluster, a host template can make this much easier.

If there are existing host templates, they are listed on the page, along with links to each role group included in the template.

If you are managing multiple clusters, you must create separate host templates for each cluster, as the templates specify role configurations specific to the roles in a single cluster. Existing host templates are listed under the cluster to which they apply.

  • You can click a role group name to be taken to the Edit configuration page for that role group, where you can modify the role group settings.
  • From the Actions menu associated with the template you can edit the template, clone it, or delete it.