Migrating from the Cloudera Manager Embedded PostgreSQL Database Server to an External PostgreSQL Database

Cloudera Manager provides an embedded PostgreSQL database server for demonstration and proof of concept deployments when creating a cluster. To remind users that this embedded database is not suitable for production, Cloudera Manager displays the banner text: "You are running Cloudera Manager in non-production mode, which uses an embedded PostgreSQL database. Switch to using a supported external database before moving into production."

If, however, you have already used the embedded database, and you are unable to redeploy a fresh cluster, then you must migrate to an external PostgreSQL database.


Before migrating the Cloudera Manager embedded PostgreSQL database to an external PostgreSQL database, ensure that your setup meets the following conditions:

  • The external PostgreSQL database server is running.
  • The database server is configured to accept remote connections.
  • The database server is configured to accept user logins using md5.
  • No one has manually created any databases in the external database server for roles that will be migrated.
  • All health issues with your cluster have been resolved.

For details about configuring the database server, see the topic Configuring and Starting the PostgreSQL Server.

For large clusters, Cloudera recommends running your database server on a dedicated host. Engage Cloudera Professional Services or a certified database administrator to correctly tune your external database server.