Configuring Roles to Use a Custom Garbage Collection Parameter

You can use Java configuration options to configure roles to use a custom garbage collection parameter.

Every Java-based role in Cloudera Manager has a configuration setting called Java Configuration Options for role where you can enter command line options. Commonly, garbage collection flags or extra debugging flags would be passed here. To find the appropriate configuration setting, select the service you want to modify in the Cloudera Manager Admin Console, then use the Search box to search for Java Configuration Options.

You can add configuration options for all instances of a given role by making this configuration change at the service level. For example, to modify the setting for all DataNodes, select the HDFS service, then modify the Java Configuration Options for DataNode setting.

To modify a configuration option for a given instance of a role, select the service, then select the particular role instance (for example, a specific DataNode). The configuration settings you modify will apply to the selected role instance only.