Step 5: Select Repository

The Select Repository page allows you to specify repositories for Cloudera Manager Agent and CDH and other software.

  1. In the Cloudera Manager Agent section, select either Public Cloudera Repository or Custom Repository for the Cloudera Manager Agent software.
  2. If you select Custom Repository, do not include the operating system-specific paths in the URL. For instructions on setting up a custom repository, see Configuring a Local Package Repository.
  3. In the CDH and other software section, select the repository type to use for the installation. In the Install Method section select one of the following:
    • Use Parcels (Recommended)

      A parcel is a binary distribution format containing the program files, along with additional metadata used by Cloudera Manager. Parcels are required for rolling upgrades.

    • Use Packages

      A package is a standard binary distribution format that contains compiled code and meta-information such as a package description, version, and dependencies. Packages are installed using your operating system package manager.

  4. Select the version of Cloudera Runtime to install. For compute clusters using parcels, the supported Cloudera Runtime versions display (Supported) next to the parcel name. For compute clusters using packages, you must make sure that you have installed a supported Cloudera Runtime version on all compute cluster hosts.
    1. If you selected Use Parcels and you do not see the version you want to install, click the More Options button to add the repository URL for your version. Repository URLs for Cloudera Runtime 7.x are documented in the Release Guide. After adding the repository, click Save Changes and wait a few seconds for the version to appear. If your Cloudera Manager host uses an HTTP proxy, click the Proxy Settings button to configure your proxy.
    2. If you selected Use Packages, and the version you want to install is not listed, you can select Custom Repository to specify a repository that contains the desired version. Repository URLs for Cloudera Runtime 7.x are documented in the Release Guide.
  5. If you selected Use Parcels, specify any Additional Parcels you want to install.
  6. Click Continue.

    The Accept JDK License page displays.