Static Service Pools

Static service pools isolate the services in your cluster from one another, so that load on one service has a bounded impact on other services.

Services are allocated a static percentage of total resources—CPU, memory, and I/O weight—which are not shared with other services. When you configure static service pools, Cloudera Manager computes recommended memory, CPU, and I/O configurations for the worker roles of the services that correspond to the percentage assigned to each service. Static service pools are implemented per role group within a cluster, using Linux control groups (cgroups) and cooperative memory limits (for example, Java maximum heap sizes). Static service pools can be used to control access to resources by HBase, HDFS, Impala, MapReduce, Solr, Spark, YARN, and add-on services. Static service pools are not enabled by default.

Viewing Static Service Pool Status

Select Clusters > Cluster name > Static Service Pools. If the cluster has a YARN service, the Static Service Pools Status tab displays and shows whether resource management is enabled for the cluster, and the currently configured service pools.