Hue in a Virtual Private Cluster Environment

Learn how to use Hue to view data in a Base cluster.

  1. Login into Hue. Open the Cloudera Manager Admin Console and go to Clusters > Compute Clusters > Hue > Hue Web UI > Load Balanced Web UI.

    Note: If the Base cluster uses Sentry, ensure that the logged-in user is a part of a Linux group that has the necessary grants to access the Hive warehouse on the Base cluster.

  2. Select Editor > Hive.

    The tables display in the left panel.

  3. Run a select query to display data in the test_table previously created:

  4. Insert data into the table:

  5. Change the editor to Impala:

    Go to Hue > Query > Impala.

  6. Run INVALIDATE METADATA query in the Impala editor.
  7. Verify the data added from the Hive editor in the test_table shows up in the Impala editor: