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Reference information for SRM Distributed Herder metrics Metrics

In addition to these base metrics, many aggregate metrics are available. If an entity type has parents defined, you can formulate all possible aggregate metrics using the formula base_metric_across_parents.

In addition, metrics for aggregate totals can be formed by adding the prefix total_ to the front of the metric name.

Use the type-ahead feature in the Cloudera Manager chart browser to find the exact aggregate metric name, in case the plural form does not end in "s".

For example, the following metric names may be valid for SRM Distributed Herder metrics:

  • streams_replication_manager_distributed_herder_status_across_clusters
  • total_streams_replication_manager_distributed_herder_status_across_clusters

Some metrics, such as alerts_rate, apply to nearly every metric context. Others only apply to a certain service or role.


The status code of an SRM replication flow. A replication flow is performed by running herder in an SRM driver. Its status is described by a code, which interpretation is the following: 0: healthy, 1: unknown, 2: starting, 3: interrupted, 4: failed.
cluster, rack, streams_replication_manager, streams_replication_manager-streams_replication_manager_driver
CDH Version
[CDH 5.0.0..CDH 8.0.0)