Activity Charts

By default the charts show aggregated statistics about the performance of the cluster: Tasks Running, CPU Usage, and Memory Usage. There are additional charts you can enable from a pop-up panel. You can also superimpose individual job statistics on any of the displayed charts.

Most charts display multiple metrics within the same chart. For example, the Tasks Running chart shows two metrics: Cluster, Running Maps and Cluster, Running Reduces in the same chart. Each metric appears in a different color.

  • To see the exact values at a given point in time, move the cursor over the chart – a movable vertical line pinpoints a specific time, and a tooltip shows you the values at that point.
  • You can use the time range selector at the top of the page to zoom in – the chart display will follow. In order to zoom out, you can use the Time Range Selector at the top of the page or click the link below the chart.

To select additional charts:

  1. Click at the top right of the chart panel to open the Customize dialog box.
  2. Check or uncheck the boxes next to the charts you want to show or hide.

To show or hide cluster-wide statistics:

  • Check or uncheck the Cluster checkbox at the top of the Charts panel.

To chart statistics for an individual job:

  • Click the chart icon () in the row next to the job you want to show on the charts. The job ID will appear in the top bar next to the Cluster checkbox, and the statistics will appear on the appropriate chart.
  • To remove a job's statistics from the chart, click the next to the job ID in the top bar of the chart.

To expand, contract, or hide the charts:

  • Move the cursor over the divider between the Activities list and the charts, grab it and drag to expand or contract the chart area compared to the Activities list.
  • Drag the divider all the way to the right to hide the charts, or all the way to the left to hide the Activities list.