Adding a Filter

You can filter audit events by a chosen property.

Add the filter:
  • Click the icon that displays next to a property when you hover in one of the event entries. A filter containing the property, operator, and its value is added to the list of filters at the left and Cloudera Manager redisplays all events that match the filter.
  • Click the Add a filter link. A filter control is added to the list of filters.
    1. Choose a property in the drop-down list. You can search by properties such as Username, Service, Command, or Role. The properties vary depending on the service or role.
    2. If the property allows it, choose an operator in the operator drop-down list.
    3. Type a property value in the value text field. To match a substring, use the like operator and specify % around the string. For example, to see all the audit events for files created in the folder /user/joe/out specify Source like %/user/joe/out%.
    4. Click Search. The log displays all events that match the filter criteria.
    5. Click to add more filters and repeat steps a through d.