Building a Chart with Time-Series Data

Use the Chart Builder to build a chart with time-series data.

  1. Select Charts > Chart Builder.
  2. Display time series in one of the following ways.
    • Select a recently used statement: Click the to the right of the Build Chart button to display a list of recently run statements and select a statement. The statement text displays in the text box and the chart(s) that display that time series will display.
    • Select from the list of Chart Examples:
      1. Click the question mark icon to the right of the Build Chart button to display a list of examples with descriptions.
      2. Click Try it to create a chart based on the statement text in the example.
    • Type a new statement: Press Spacebar in the text box. tsquery statement components display in a drop-down list. These suggestions are part of type ahead, which helps build valid queries. Scroll to the desired component and click Enter. Continue choosing query components by pressing Spacebar and Enter until the tsquery statement is complete.
For example, the query SELECT jvm_heap_used_mb where clusterId = 1 could return a set of charts like the following: