The list below describes the terminology used when creating Charts.

A Cloudera Manager component that has metrics associated with it, such as a service, role, or host.
A property that can be measured to quantify the state of an entity or activity, such as the number of open file descriptors or CPU utilization percentage. For a list of all the metrics supported by Cloudera Manager, see the Cloudera Manager Metrics reference documentation.
Time Series
A list of (time, value) pairs that is associated with some (entity, metric) pair such as, (datanode-1, fd_open), (hostname, cpu_percent). In more complex cases, the time series can represent operations on other time series. For example, (datanode-1 , cpu_user + cpu_system).
A display grouping of a set of time series. By default, when a query returns multiple time series, they are displayed in individual charts. Facets allow you to display the time series in separate charts, in a single chart, or grouped by various attributes of the set of time series.