The Configuration page for a host lets you set properties for the selected host.

You can set properties in the following categories:
  • Advanced - Advanced configuration properties. These include the Java Home Directory, which explicitly sets the value of JAVA_HOME for all processes. This overrides the auto-detection logic that is normally used.
  • Monitoring - Monitoring properties for this host. The monitoring settings you make on this page will override the global host monitoring settings you make on the Configuration tab of the Hosts page. You can configure monitoring properties for:
    • Health check thresholds
    • The amount of free space on the filesystem containing the Cloudera Manager Agent's log and process directories
    • A variety of conditions related to memory usage and other properties
    • Alerts for health check events

    For some monitoring properties, you can set thresholds as either a percentage or an absolute value (in bytes).

  • Other - Other configuration properties
  • Parcels - Configuration properties related to parcels. Includes the Parcel Director property, the directory that parcels will be installed into on this host. If the parcel_dir variable is set in the Agent's config.ini file, it will override this value.
  • Resource Management - Enables resource management using control groups (cgroups)