Configuring Logging Thresholds

A logging threshold determines what level of log message is reported.

Minimum Required Role: Configurator (also provided by Cluster Administrator, Limited Cluster Administrator , and Full Administrator)

The available levels are:

  • TRACE - Informational events finer-grained than DEBUG.
  • DEBUG - Informational events useful to debug an application.
  • INFO - Informational events that highlight progress at coarse-grained level.
  • WARN - Events that indicate a potential problem which is handled by the application.
  • ERROR - Error events that allows the application to continue running.
  • FATAL - Very severe error events that typically lead the application to abort.

The number of messages is greater and severity is least for TRACE. The default setting is INFO.

  1. Go to a service.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Enter Logging Threshold in the Search text field.
  4. For the desired role group, select a logging threshold level.
  5. Enter a Reason for change, and then click Save Changes to commit the changes.
  6. Click the Cloudera Manager logo to return to the Home page.
  7. Click the icon that is next to any stale services to invoke the cluster restart wizard.