Configuring collection of Cloudera Manager table data

You can configure Cloudera Manager to include selected data from the Cloudera Manager database in Diagnostic Bundles.

Collection of Cloudera Manager table data is disabled by default. Including this data in the Diagnostic Bundles can help Cloudera Customer Support to diagnose problems. You can configure the maximum size of this data, and you can specify any Cloudera Manager database table to be excluded from the bundle.

Minimum Required User role Full Administrator.

  1. Log in to the Cloudera Manager Admin Console.
  2. Go to Administration > Settings.
  3. To enable automatic collection of diagnostic data, select Send Diagnostic Data Automatically.
    If you do not select this, you can manually trigger sending the diagnostic data.
  4. Select the Support category.
  5. Select the Collect Cloudera Manager database copy with Diagnostic Data Bundle parameter.
  6. Optional: To exclude specific database tables, add their names in the Cloudera Manager Database Table Names to skip property.
    Cloudera has excluded all known sensitive data from the table copies, including usernames, passwords, hashes and other data. If you have concerns about sensitive data being included, contact Cloudera support, who can assist you by providing the names of tables to exclude.
  7. Enter the maximum size (in megabytes) of the copied database tables to be included in the Diagnostic Bundle.
    The default value is 1024 MB.
Collection of table data is enabled. Note that the time required to collect all the data for a Diagnostic Bundles may increase by up to 8 minutes.