Displaying Chart Details

You can interact with a chart to display various chart details.

When you move your mouse over a chart, its background turns gray, indicating that you can act upon it.

  • Moving the mouse to a data point on a line, stack area, or bar chart shows the details about that data point in a pop-up tooltip.
  • Click a line, stack area, scatter, or bar chart to expand it into a full-page view with a legend for the individual charted entities as well more fine-grained axes divisions.
    • If there are multiple entities in the chart, you can
      • Check and uncheck the legend item to hide or show the time series for the entities on the chart.

      • If there are service, role, or host instances in the chart, click the View link to display the instance's Status page.
    • Click the Close button to return to the regular chart view.
  • Heatmap - Clicking a square in a heatmap displays a line chart of the time series for that entity.
  • Histogram -
    • Mousing over the upper right corner of a histogram and clicking opens a pop-up containing the query that generated the chart, an expanded view of the chart, a list of entity names and links to the entities whose metrics are represented by the histogram bars, and the value of the metric for each entity. For example, clicking the following histogram

      displays the following:

    • Clicking a bar in the expanded histogram displays a line chart of the time series from which the histogram was generated:

      Clicking the < Back link at the bottom left of the line chart returns to the expanded histogram.