Filtering the Activities List

You can filter the list of activities based on values of any of the metrics that are available. You can also easily filter for certain common queries from the drop-down menu next to the Search button at the top of the Activities list. By default, it is set to show All Activities.

  1. To use one of the predefined filters, click the to the right of the Search button and select the filter you want to run.
    There are predefined filters to search by job type (for example Pig activities, MapReduce jobs, and so on) or for running, failed, or long-running activities.
  2. To create a filter, click the to the right of the Search button and select Custom.
  3. Select a metric from the drop-down list in the first field; you can create a filter based on any of the available metrics.
  4. Once you select a metric, fill in the rest of the fields; your choices depend on the type of metric you have selected. Use the percent character % as a wildcard in a string; for example, Id matches job%0001 will look for any MapReduce job ID with suffix 0001.
  5. To create a compound filter, click the plus icon at the end of the filter row to add another row. If you combine filter criteria, all criteria must be true for an activity to match.
  6. To remove a filter criteria from a compound filter, click the minus icon at the end of the filter row. Removing the last row removes the filter.
  7. To include any children of a Pig, Hive, or Oozie activity in your search results, check the Include Child Activities checkbox. Otherwise, only the top-level activity will be included, even if one or more child activities matched the filter criteria.
  8. Click the Search button (which appears when you start creating the filter) to run the filter.